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How to run a ux project

How to Run a UX Project

My “How To” articles are the articles I would have loved to have read 4 years ago. This was a time when I was wading through articles, book and courses to really understand what UX was really about. The problem for me was that there was just too much impractical noise. Advice like “design for emotion” or “the best interface is no interface” were all well and good, but didn’t tell me anything about working in real-life UX projects.

So let’s get going, I really hope this helps you out!

1. User Research

How to gather important information from users before you build your product or feature.

2. Cluster Research Findings

What to do with all the information you’ve gathered from the User Research sessions.

3. Personas (Coming Soon)

4. User Journeys (Coming Soon)

5. Feature and Solutions (Coming Soon)

6. User Flow Map (Coming Soon)

7. Sketching (Coming Soon)

8. Prototyping (Coming Soon)

9. User Testing (Coming Soon)

10. Iteration (Coming Soon)


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