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Free UX Resources

Free UX Resources (part 1)

Howdy, this is part one of my favourite, free UX resources. Part 2 will come… uh… when I get around to it.  These resources are everything from slide decks to educational videos, websites and blogs. Enjoy!

If you’ve come across some great free UX stuff you think should be added to part 2, do tweet at me and let me know. Now stop reading and learn!


What actually is UX Design?: 

Sometimes it can be hard to define exactly what UX is. It’s actually a huge problem within the industry. This video manages to sum it up nicely though.



UX Apprentice:

A great step-by-step overview of product design processes with case studies and links. Process is king!

Free UX Resources



Free UX Books:

A nice selection of free UX books from the guys at UX Pin.

Free UX Books



Storyboarding & UX:

A comprehensive guide to storyboarding (very important part of the UX process!)

Free UX Resources



UX Crash Course Slide Deck: 

Nice, quick, ghetto overview of all the main UX concepts.

Free UX Resources



UX Design Principles:

Whitney Hess gives a run down of some very important UX Design principles.



The Ultimate Guide to UX: 

A monster guide full of even more resources. Includes everything from sketching to user testing.

Free UX Resources

The Ultimate Guide to User Experience Course: 

Okay, okay, this isn’t a free one, but it’s something we buy for all our interns to get them up to speed. Well worth the money (I don’t get anything out of you buying this btw)

Free UX Resources


Part 2 of this list is coming soon.
Just stick your email in below and i’ll let you know when it’s online.

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