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Mailbox for Mac Review

The future of email or
just another pretty distraction?

Email is a touchy subject. It can be distracting, overwhelming, even addictive for some people. Above everything else, it’s necessary – but as a testament to how imperfect email is, the design and tech communities are full of people trying everything to avoid having to use it, trying to find a better solution. Every so often another company comes along that claims to have created something that will finally let you say goodbye to email  – and sure, some of them are actually quite nice. Slack has been gaining traction, but time will tell if people are ready for a departure that radical. The problem is, when you try to replace something as ingrained as email, everybody has to be in on it. Everybody has to be willing to willing to learn a new system.

Email is universal, multi-platform and omnipresent. Finding a workaround for the problems and shortcomings of email is a nice design exercise. Actually fixing it is the real challenge.

The Mailbox team (now acquired by Dropbox), have taken on this challenge and succeeded.